Seed pearls... Fluid. Buoyant.

Tao of mermaid

A word can be a small seed pearl that resonates within our psyches, growing into something important, or merely spinning a delicate whirlpool of innate knowing. Words have power. Seed pearls have power. I offer you  “fluid” and “buoyant.”

The Tao of mermaid

“Fluid” and “buoyant” are my new loves. These words embody the Tao of Mermaid.

Taoist writers often use water imagery to communicate the power of softness. Lao Tzu wrote that, “Nothing in the world is more soft and yielding than water. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield.”

Another water metaphor is that of surrendering to a river, which can effortlessly guide us around the rocks.

“Fluid” and ‘buoyant” help me cope with a world that is sometimes scary and arbitrary. I hope they invoke an inspired counter-measure in me the next time I am provoked. Antagonists pepper the planet, but I alone control my response. 

“Fluid” and “buoyant” tap into my powerful childhood desire to be a mermaid. They connect me to my Piscean nature and magnify it into a formidable force. They resonate.

Mermaids and mermen, “fluid” and and “buoyant” can help us to better navigate this perplexing world.
Seed pearls.


And then gleeful splashing ensued.

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