Lettuce in a vase — simply brilliant

Lettuce in a vase emotes a glowing, ethereal quality. The simplicity is compelling. I cannot look away! Isn’t it deliciously convenient that some of the most beautiful floral arrangements are the easiest to make? I spied this at an agricultural fair, looking unloved and abandoned. I, however, find it utterly worthy of attention and admiration.

The surprise

Lettuce in a vase? You got me. I’m hooked.

The simplicity

With nothing but leaf lettuce in this vase, the experience becomes all lavish ruffles and bright, fresh, life-loving, flirtatious green. No distractions to dilute the experience. Except…

The audacity

Showing the naked lettuce roots through a clear glass vase adds a quirky dimension to the arrangement. It reminds me of nineteenth century botanical illustrations. Clever.

The humility

The vase frankly looks like a cross between a light bulb and a beaker from a chemistry lab. Unpretentious and noncompetitive, it whispers, “All hail the beautiful leaf lettuce!”

The source

I saw this non-floral arrangement at the 2017 McHenry County Fair in Woodstock, Illinois. It sat haphazardly on a table near the floral arrangements, with no information as to who created it. I’d love to credit the arranger if anyone can tell me.

The takeaway

Let the lettuce shine.
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