Motivational office decor — slay the day

Home offices merit our best home styling trickery. Work is a cornerstone of our human existence, and the place that houses that work is important. Dig deep into your smarts and creativity to make your work space worthy of you and the time you spend there. Unleash your decorating mojo here and now!

Slay your day

Motivational office decor welcomes us to enjoy our return to a hopefully calm, focused routine after an unapologetically fun, indulgently relaxing, or satisfyingly productive weekend. Yes, those are your only three weekend choices.

Anne of Green Gables said,

“Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” 

 ― L.M. Montgomery

That thought alone makes a Monday motivational. Monday begins a week of infinite possibility. What could be more exciting? It’s a chance to be even more fierce. And smart. And creative. And mindful. And kind.

Slay your work space

So, Mondays are inherently motivational. But what makes for motivational office decor?  What helps us to be our best? The right work space inspires us, grounds us, nurtures us, energizes us, and gives us perspective.

Inspirational elements

Be epic banner
Be epic banner purchased from Michaels.

I am not a fan of word art in general. It’s trendy and contemporary, neither which I aspire to be. But offices are the right place for it as long as it is not smarmy. You know what you need to see in order to stay on track and reach for the goals that make you happiest.

Grounding elements

Roseville, Haeger, and books
Roseville vases were a gift from my Grandma June. Haeger vases collected from local resale shops. Books acquired throughout a lifetime of passionate interests.

A grounding elemental is so absolutely necessary in an office. For me, that element is books and antiques. For you, it may be earthy colors or textural textiles.

Nurturing elements

McCoy lilies, vases, and shakers
These 1940s McCoy lily vases were a cherished gift from my mother. I’ve combined other twentieth century vases and Fiesta s+p shakers in a similar palette. The organic shapes counter the linear lines of the Skandia book case and Ikea magazine files.

Every work space needs something cherished. Often people choose pictures of their near and dear peeps. It just has to be something special to you so that you feel loved when you glance up from your project.

Energizing elements

Desk area in black, white, and green
Contrasting black and white is energizing, while the organic green keeps the contrast from shocking my nervous system. Top two pictures purchased resale, a family pic, a vase purchased from a cute street shop in Galena Illinois, lamp base from Target, and black shade from Goodwill.

Light and color are the most obvious energizers. The wrong light and colors can frazzle you if they are not attune to the vibes of your nervous system. Know thyself then choose lighting and color wisely.

Expansive elements

Venus at the window
A view outdoors is divine. A landscape photo or painting is also divine. Looking out into the horizon is very necessary.

If you don’t have a view of the outdoors in your office space, a picturesque landscape painting may do the job. A horizon opens up your perspective both literally and figuratively. Perspective nurtures perspective. Very important when working a project.

In parting

Enjoy your motivational office decor, and enjoy the day, fabulous ones. Be epic.

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