Cloud decor for moody people

Moody people need moody decor

Cloud decor is always the right choice for moody people, because clouds are endlessly mercurial, as are we.

Clouds are ever present in our meandering walks and our elusive dreams.

Clouds merit a place in our homes.

How to get clouds

Paint or wallpaper. Paintings or photographs. Lighting or mobiles. All work.

Where to put clouds

Clouds on ceilings

cloud decor on a ceiling
Clouds on ceilings must look real, not cartoonish. Photo by Amy Sklar Design IncImage courtesy of

Ceilings. An obvious place for clouds, but an effective place.

Clouds on walls

Cloud decor can open up visual vistas.
Clouds can open up visual vistas and make a wall extend into forever. Photo by Studio William HefnerImage courtesy of

A horizon, a sky, a frozen moment of churning gray clouds. A beautiful counterpoint to an elegant, white, and pristine dining space.

Clouds in vignettes

Cloud decor breathes life into vignette
Clouds in the background speak to the architectural vignette. Photo by Sabrina Alfin InteriorsImage courtesy of 

Here, the ethereal clouds, so faintly painted on the wall, couch the vignette in context. Suddenly, the lamp is a building in a magnificent skyscape.

Clouds as lighting

Cloud decor as lighting
Here, clouds manifest as lighting. Buy at

To walk into a room, and see this unexpected cloud light, would shock viewers in the most delightful fashion. Heart-stopping beauty lives here.

The light is also a speaker. Smart.

Clouds in mobiles

Cloud decor as mobiles
Clouds in mobiles bring the magic off of surfaces and into the third dimension. Photo by Chris A Dorsey PhotographyImage courtesy of

Clouds are not just for children’s rooms. Clouds belong everywhere. Same for mobiles.

A mobile transcends decorated surfaces and makes the magic three dimensional.

My ultimate indoor cloud choice

Cloud decor explodes onto Nuvolette wallpaper.
Nuvolette wall paper is unspeakably tasteful and available for purchase at

Moody, neutral, and painterly. Walls or ceilings. Eternally perfect.

Here is the Nuvolette wallpaper in action:

Cloud decor turns a bath into a sensual adventure.
Clouds turns a simple bath into visual pleasure. Photo by Interior Design Excellence AwardsImage couresy of
Cloud decor in a shabbier, chic-er context.
Clouds in a shabbier, chic-er context. Photo by Gaudion FurnitureImage courtesy of


This wallpaper excels as a backdrop for interesting objects.


This is the end. More smarty-pants opinions coming soon.